Spectator Support

  • Provide information on venues, designated seats, services, etc.
  • Maintain order during competition and exit.
  • Operate information desks, manage lost and found, lost child support.
  • Supporting ticketing services and ticket checkpoints.
  • Provide information on the Games, sport disciplines, cultural events and maintain order in the venues.
  • Operate spectator experience booths and outdoor amusement facilities.


  • Provide accommodation, competition schedule and tourism information.
  • Provide various operational support in Olympic Village, Media Village and accommodation for foreigners.

Workforce Management

  • Issue Accreditation cards and grant access privileges to Games facilities.
  • Check uniform sizes and distribute uniforms to Games workforce.
  • Manage Games workforce attendance and document newsletters.


  • Support domestic and international media coverage (Provide competition information and press releases).
  • Support media, press and photographers in competition venues.
  • Operate information desk in Main Press Center (MPC).


  • Provide information and data regarding broadcasting production.
  • Support broadcasting production in competition venues and manage broadcast zone.
  • Perform interpretation and various administrative task related to broadcasting.
  • Operate information desk in International Broadcasting Center(IBC), etc.

Production supporting

  • Operate IT equipment.
  • Support competition operations through in-put/out-put of competition information.
  • Record official results and distribute competition results.


  • Perform weather observation and relay weather information for each venue.


  • Foreign language interpretation support for Games operation.


  • Support protocol activities and tasks for domestic/international dignitaries.
  • Provide interpretation for dignitaries from foreign government and international federation(IF).
  • Support for IOC general assembly operation and guide for event sites.

Delegation Support

  • Accompany national team delegations and provide interpretation support.
  • Operate national team delegations and support for Games participation.


  • Manage competitions, sports equipment and competition venues (competition course maintenance, gate installation, etc.).
  • Prepare and distribute competition related printouts (Entry list by NOC/NPC, competition results, etc.).
  • Conduct tasks related to classification for athletes with impairment and other necessary work.


  • Introducing medal presenters and supporting the medal ceremony operations.
  • Manage medal ceremony related items and facilities such as medals, flags, etc.
  • Support flag raising and medal plaza operation.

Medical Services

  • Perform medical treatments (treating a patient, providing first aid, etc.).
  • Assist in medical treatment (nursing, physical therapy, etc.) and transportation of patients.
  • Manage medical facilities and medical supplies.
  • Provide interpretation and administrative support in order to provide proper medical services.

Doping Control

  • Notify doping test to the eligible athlete and accompany for doping test.
  • Provide doping test related information and interpretation support related to doping operation.