291 DAYS

12: 12 : 12 HOURS


  • Implementation of hospitality and high volunteering value for excellent services.
  • Providing the support of fully-equipped volunteers as the first source of assistance.
  • Giving the most superior quality services to aid all elements involved in Asian Para Games.


  • A warm welcome attendance and to be reliable volunteers.
  • As comfort as friend, as kind as parents, as knowledgeable as teacher.
  • Having enthusiastically fulfill ones roles through to the end and helping to contribute to the success of Asian Para Games 2018.


  • Assisting the great hospitality to athletes and endeavoring people to having rhapsody throughout the games.
  • Professional with teamwork to well-done the duties. As family to support and help one another.
  • Reliable as individual, make team work done the duties well. Having family bonding yet professional execution.

Menpora Minta Doakan Asian Para Games 2018 Berjalan Sukses

March 6, 2018

Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga (Menpora), Imam Nahrawi turut mempromosikan dan mensosialisasikan Asian Games 2018 di acara Lelang Cap Go Meh…


Perenang Difabel Ikut Sosialisasikan Asian Para Games 2018 di Festival....

March 5, 2018

Sejumlah atlet renang penyandang disabilitas turut sosialisasikan Asian Para Games 2018 dengan turut meramaikan gelaran Festival Danau Sunter beberapa waktu…


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